Equal opportunities

Vision mission, values, and other actions.

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How we understand equal opportunities

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We have been working to create awareness of the individual rights of people. In particular, personal dignity is protected within the company, establishing healthy behavior guidelines and eradicating those behaviors that may be considered illegitimate intrusions in personal privacy or that violate the dignity of people.


FCC and the Construction Area in particular, has been developing for years an intense effort to promote ethical principles and values, as well as the implementation of programs, internal procedures and positive measures aimed at creating a work atmosphere that enhances respect between people , equal opportunities for women and men and the integration of diversity.


The values that inspire this initiative are:


1. Commitment to equality

2. Same opportunities

3. Balance

4. Culture based on equality 


Below you can find a brief description of each of these values.

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1. Commitment to equality

Reinforce the commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility assumed by the Construction Area, in order to improve the quality of life of workers and their families, as well as to promote the principle of equal opportunities.

2. Same opportunities

Promote the defense and effective application of the principle of equality between women and men, guaranteeing in the workplace the same opportunities for income and professional development at all levels.

3. Balance

Improve the balanced distribution of genders in the scope of the equality plan.

4. Culture based on equality

Spread a corporate culture committed to equality, which involves the entire organization.

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What we do for equality

Actions, equality plans and badges



From the company we proactively promote actions and programs to promote equality, diversity and labor integration to contribute to the well-being of the people who are part of the Construction Area. With our involvement, we also strengthen our ties with the communities we serve.

We have a training plan that includes programs on equality and diversity, both for the staff in general, and for those people who, due to specific needs, must implement the policies in the organization, such as the staff that make up the Equality Commission.

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Equality Plans

In November 2008, the Equality Plan was launched, the first in the sector. Its main objective is the application of measures that allow an organizational environment that respects diversity and eradicates discrimination in any workplace.

For this, we defend the development and fulfillment of those positive actions that allow establishing and promoting equal opportunities.



Two of the main companies in the Construction Area, FCC Industrial and FCC Construcción, have received the "Distinction of Equality in the Company".

The DIE is a mark of excellence awarded by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, which recognizes companies that stand out in the development of equality policies between women and men.

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