Learn about the projects we carry out with social entities such as the Adecco Foundation, the Integra Foundation and the Prevent Foundation

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Adecco Foundation

The Adecco Foundation is a non-profit business entity and declared a welfare charity. It helps people at risk of social exclusion to find a job as the main tool to get out of this situation of vulnerability. At FCC Construcción we have been working with the Adecco Foundation for ten years.

During this time we have supported their #EmpleoParaTodos with which we help generate more than 3,500 jobs for people with disabilities each year. Likewise, the Adecco Foundation, as a leading entity in labor inclusion of professionals with disabilities within ordinary companies, has historically been our main partner in this matter, supporting us with initiatives such as Family Plan. The Adecco Foundation:

- WORKS WITH PEOPLE training and guiding them so that they can find a job.
- WORK WITH COMPANIES designing corporate diversity and socio-labor inclusion projects.
- WORK WITH SOCIETY to build an inclusive social model that knows how to recognize the value of all people.

Since 1999, the Adecco Foundation has worked with people with disabilities, women victims of gender violence, women with non-shared family responsibilities, people over 45 years of age and long-term unemployed and other people at risk of exclusion.


Integra Foundation

FCC Construcción has worked with Integra Foundation since 2010, supporting, as a patron of the Foundation, the labor integration of people at risk of exclusion: women victims of gender violence, homeless people, young people from broken families, people with disabilities, etc. In total, FCC has provided 250 jobs to people who, thanks to employment, have been able to start a new life away from exclusion, as shown in the following study.

Together with the Integra Foundation, FCC has also organized several awareness days for employees in which they learned first-hand about the experience of people living in social exclusion integrated into the different FCC work teams. In the near future, the group will also support the work of the Integra Foundation through corporate volunteering.

Since 2001 Fundación Integra has been helping people at risk of severe social exclusion and people with disabilities to regain control of their lives through a job, a means that helps these people to achieve their personal fulfillment and to become the leaders again. protagonists of their future, avoiding their isolation and promoting their autonomy. Since 2001, Fundación Integra has achieved:

- More than 10,700 jobs in Madrid, Catalonia, the Valencian Community, Andalusia, Galicia and the Balearic Islands.

- More than 800 corporate volunteers from 54 companies have supported the training of our beneficiaries.

To learn more about Fundación Integra's activity, you can watch the following videos:

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Prevent Foundation

Prevent Foundation is a non-profit organization. Its objective is to promote the social and labor insertion of people with disabilities and to promote a preventive culture in the company, through greater social awareness that guarantees safer work environments and more responsible companies. Since 2017, FCC Construcción collaborates with the Prevent Foundation with a dual purpose:

• Social and labor inclusion of people with disabilities: favoring the access of these people to higher education. During 2017, FCC helped 40 university students from all over the Spanish territory to complete their higher studies thanks to the adaptations and adjustments that have allowed them access to financial scholarships.

• The promotion of entrepreneurship by people with disabilities: together with the Prevent Foundation, FCC collaborates in the Learn and Undertake Program: Entrepreneurs' Classroom. A program that has enabled 119 people to be trained and 33 business initiatives launched. FCC Construcción supports this project by giving one of the training workshops and tutoring an entrepreneur with his project through corporate volunteering.

In 2018, it is planned that we will carry out, together, an awareness day with the aim of continuing to bring disability closer to the organization.

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