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Gustavo, Ruth, Guillermo, Nuria and Fátima are FCC employees and company ambassadors on disability matters. They all know disability closely, although each in a different way. Below, you will be able to learn about the history of each one of them and also that of Pablo Pineda, a diversity consultant for the Adecco Foundation and the first European university student with Down syndrome.

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Gustavo García

Gustavo is head of administration in central services at FCC Construcción. He has worked at FCC for 23 years and as he himself describes it, his job consists of facilitating the day-to-day life of many colleagues who need his help. He is the father of two children, Daniel and Adrián. Daniel, 14, has a disability that has not prevented him from being like any other child his age. Gustavo experiences disability through his son and assures that: “although it is not a situation you are looking for, once it comes into your life, you have to try to see it in the best possible way”. Gustavo feels like the luckiest person in the world because of the family he has and because of Daniel, a boy who has taught them to value the little things in life.

Ruth Parrilla

Ruth loves to be with her family, with her friends and she likes to dance. She too, she really likes her work as an administrative officer at FCC Industrial where she has been working for 17 years. Asking Ruth about her disability is asking a question that she is not alien to. Both she and members of her family have retinitis pigmentosa, a visual and degenerative disability that progressively reduces her vision. Ruth does not make sense of disability. Thanks to her strength and her positivity, he is able to do anything. Her way of being helps him to face her disability in this way, to live in the present and not think about the future. For Ruth, society is increasingly aware of what disability means.

Guillermo Lora

Guillermo has worked at FCC for 27 years. He studied Mining Technical Engineering and is currently an PRL Technician at the Arganda Machinery Park. For Guillermo, his family is essential, he likes his day-to-day work and his hobbies include music and photography. Since his childhood, Guillermo has a hearing disability that has not prevented him from progressing in all areas of his life and that is, as he himself says: “people with disabilities can live with total normality. The difference between having a disability and not having it often lies on paper”.

For Guillermo, society is tolerant towards disability, although there is still a long way to go.

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Nuria Penalva

Nuria has been working at FCC since 2002 and since 2006 she is the site manager of FCC Construcción in Las Palmas. In addition, and above all, Nuria is the mother of two boys, 10 and 8 years old. Nuria knows what it is like to live without and with a disability. In 2009 she was found to have a neurinoma that caused a hearing impairment. During all these years, Nuria has learned to face her life in all its facets, to live with the disability and to talk about it completely naturally. For Nuria, naturalizing disability is one of the keys to helping to normalize it in society. Although she assures that disability is not a desired situation, she has taught her to value the small details of life and to be stronger.

Fátima Moliterni

Fátima studied technical forestry engineering and since 2002 she works in Matinsa where she is project manager. Six people work with Fatima, of which four have disabilities. As she herself affirms, she has a great team. For her, working with people with disabilities is not a problem of any kind. On the contrary, she assures that working with people with disabilities, having a team in which diversity is the protagonist, favors decision-making. And not only that, it increases the talent of the teams.

Pablo Pineda

Pablo is a Spanish speaker and speaker, writer and actor who was awarded the Silver Shell for best actor at the San Sebastián International Film Festival in 2009 for his participation in the film Yo, tambien. In addition, Pablo is the first European university student with Down syndrome and, currently, he works as a diversity consultant for the Adecco Foundation, a social entity with which he has worked for years to promote the full social and labor inclusion of people with disabilities. Pablo's testimony is a clear example of talent and self-improvement, which for years has driven him to develop a professional career under the same conditions as anyone else.

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