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Mission, vision and values

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What is the #EnPositivo disability for FCC

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Diversity is a value that SUM. For FCC and its Construction Area, diversity is the set of different talents required in a company. Diversity recognizes and defends the identity, uniqueness and dignity of all the people that make up our stakeholders. Likewise, it acquires a social value when it supports the empowerment and inclusion of people at risk of exclusion.


Our mission with this project is to promote the social and labor inclusion of people at risk of exclusion (people with disabilities, women victims of gender violence, etc.). We want the inclusion of people at risk of exclusion to be highly integrated into the identity of our company and for all of us to be committed to this mission.


The values that inspire this initiative are:

  1. Humanity | Equal
  2. Personality | Different
  3. Talent | Unique
  4. Genius | Unrepeatable
  5. Stereotypes and prejudices | Lower

Below you can find a brief description of each of these values.

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1. Humanity | Equal

Humanity has two meanings that add value to FCC's vision of diversity. On the one hand it is the set of all human beings, and on the other, the ability to feel affection, understanding or solidarity towards other people. These two concepts are fundamental to address diversity at FCC since it is what makes all people equal.

2. Personality | Different

Each person has a different personality, an identity of their own, which differentiates them from other people. At FCC we accept, respect and take advantage of diverse perspectives and we recognize and defend the identity, uniqueness and dignity of all people.

3. Talent | Unique

To boost talent at FCC, we need people with different competencies, skills, attitudes and values. All people have a talent, a talent without labels. At FCC we fight against labels and we believe in people's talent.

4. Genius | Unrepeatable

The diversity of points of view and experiences favors creativity, innovation and conflict resolution. At FCC we do not want to put up barriers to excellence and openness to diversity is openness to innovation.

5. Stereotypes and prejudices | Lower

Prejudices are images that are structured and accepted by most people as representative of a certain "group". This image is formed from a static conception of the generalized characteristics of the members of that community.

Prejudices reduce the value of diversity. It is a concept very present in society and one that FCC wants to address.

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How can we work for disability #EnPositivo


Acceptance and acknowledge

The first step is to accept diversity and recognize its richness. Disability is part of society and despite not being a desired circumstance, it humanizes it.



 Eliminate prejudices and stigmas that have historically converted people with disabilities in an excluded group.



One of the most important social attitudes to achieve inclusion. Looking at the disability, recognizing ourselves in it, helps to eliminate prejudices and to stay only with the positive aspects.



Not seeing the limits and looking at talent. Not seeing the disability, seeing the person. When this happens, the disability will become a circumstance and not an identity.