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Diversity SUMA

By FCC Construcción


What do we understand by diversity at FCC?

Corporate diversity is a value that ADDS to our company. For FCC, diversity responds to the set of different talents that are necessary for the optimal functioning of our company, accepting, respecting and taking advantage of diverse perspectives through collaborative models, and that recognizes and defends the identity, uniqueness and dignity of all the people that make up our stakeholders. Likewise, diversity acquires great social value when it supports the empowerment and inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion.

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Actions for #DiversidadSuma

Asset Publisher

FCC Ambassadors

Gustavo, Ruth, Guillermo, Nuria and Fátima share their views on disability and diversity.

Pablo Pineda at FCC

Pablo Pineda, ambassador of the Adecco Foundation and the first European university student with Down syndrome, visits FCC

Betting on equality

We are committed to respect for people and equal employment opportunities for men and women.

New Actions

From this website we will inform you of all the actions that we implement for diversity.